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Ian Gardiner and Steve Firlotte, Tree Audio designers, after commissioning our latest custom console a few months ago at a secret location in Los Angeles (more will be revealed soon).


Brief description of the console:


The 12 channels on the left are all tube: DI, mic pre, line in, EQ, opto limiter


The 12 channels on the right are all solid state Class A discreet with 2-500 series slots side by side above the channels.


Above all channels are 24 bussing/aux modules


On the meter bridge: 24 channels of all discrete Class A monitor channels that can dump into the stereo buss giving 48 channels on mix down.


Center section: We recessed the console in the middle providing a desk for a laptop or keyboard and mouse etc., 3.5mm headphone and line input jacks as well as a usb hub.


On the right side of the master meter are 2 phase alignment modules allowing a stereo pair to be dialed into perfect phase.


The meter on the left side is a phase correlation meter used to monitor the phase of the 2 alignment modules.


Special thanks to all of our vendors during this crazy time and especially our Tree Audio family: Vivian Fernandez, Michele Miles Gardiner and our newest Tree member Nikhil Ranade.

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