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Tree Audio custom 16-channel console and stand built for recording industry legends Richie Podolor and Bill Cooper. Combined, these men have sold a gazillion hit records.  Richie Podolor - Record Producer (Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper, etc.,).  Bill Cooper - Recording Engineer (Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, John Mayall, etc.,)  About this custom console, written by Tree Audio co-designer/owner, Ian Gardiner: All of the electronics were designed by my partner Steve Firlotte. After Bill and Richie decided to sell American Recording and their Trident A range, they commissioned us to build a console for them. It started out as 16 channel standard Generation I Roots console, but turned into a much larger project.  From left to right - Full TRS patchbay. Jared Stansill of Pro Audio LA designed and wired up the patchbay. Next is the 16 channel Gen I Roots console in Altec green. In the upper left meter bridge is an 8 channel monitor section that dumps into the

Great sounding and easy to use analog recording equipment–tube and solid state.

The best of vintage aesthetics and modern technology. Hand-built in Los Angeles.

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