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Tree Audio custom 16-channel console and stand built for recording industry legends Richie Podolor and Bill Cooper. Combined, these men have sold a gazillion hit records.  Richie Podolor - Record Producer (Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper, etc.,).  Bill Cooper - Recording Engineer (Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, John Mayall, etc.,)  About this custom console, written by Tree Audio co-designer/owner, Ian Gardiner: All of the electronics were designed by my partner Steve Firlotte. After Bill and Richie decided to sell American Recording and their Trident A range, they commissioned us to build a console for them. It started out as 16 channel standard Generation I Roots console, but turned into a much larger project.  From left to right - Full TRS patchbay. Jared Stansill of Pro Audio LA designed and wired up the patchbay. Next is the 16 channel Gen I Roots console in Altec green. In the upper left meter bridge is an 8 channel monitor section that dumps into the

This beautiful, one-of-a-kind console is now available for sale. The gear on the right rack is not included. The console is located in Los Angeles. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. 

For more information, email Ian Gardiner at



Great sounding and easy to use analog recording equipment–tube and solid state.

The best of vintage aesthetics and modern technology. Hand-built in Los Angeles.

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