Welcome! Tree Audio is committed to great sounding, easy to use and maintain recording equipment, all hand-built in the United States. Because our products offer the best of vintage esthetics and modern technology, they've really taken off. We now have a world-wide community of Roots console, Branch and Stem users - from young artists, to seasoned veterans, to up-and-coming engineer/producers.

It all began with our flagship console, The Roots, which delivers stunning audio, is an inspiration to work with and drives projects forward. From there, as sales and interest have grown, we continue to expand our product line.

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Tree Audio's Roots is a tube-hybrid analog recording console
The Roots Jr is like the Tree Audio Roots console, but nonbussing
Tree Audio's Branch is a stand alone channel strip version of the Roots console.
Tree Audio's Stems is a stand alone unit that can be used with any console or just as a mixer.